Friday, February 6, 2009

Making greener cheaper

Greener can and should be cheaper.

My previous posts on green marketing and overpriced goods lead to a lot of comments via e-mail. Some agreed, and gave examples of truly green marketing in Europe where the absence of overtly green images doesn't change the fact that the products ARE green. Another had attended a green trade show here in the US and complained about the explosion of green ink, and the even more disturbing fact that many of the items advertising green loving were not in fact green products at all!

Others complained bitterly, saying that of course green has to cost more -- a lot more -- because the raw materials and processes are so much more costly. Is that true? It may be in the short term, but that is largely because of the high retail prices, rather than an excuse for them. More about that later.

I want to explore ways in which green items can...and should be cheaper. And why manufacturers and suppliers using the green image as a gimmick are over-inflating the prices,using guilt or fear instead of value as a marketing message.

The next few posts will focus on the real costs of green production, building and sales. I would hope you would join in by commenting on the blog or by submitting guest articles. I want to hear from you. I want to open the floor to the why's and how's of green life and business. Will you join us?